Fig & Honey Jam

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Have you heard the expression “two wrongs don’t make a right“?  When it comes to avohoneymoral issues, I definitely believe that’s true.  But, when it comes to food, I do everything in my power to prove it wrong.  I absolutely hate wasting food!  Perhaps, that drive comes from my days when food was in short supply (but, that’s another story for another day.)  Maybe I’m just super cheap and don’t like to throw stuff away if I can help it.  Either way, I tend to get creative when it comes to using up every last bit of whatever – even if I don’t particularly care for it.

Last summer, I was struggling BIG TIME with allergies, and a friend suggested getting some local honey to eat, as that’s supposed to help.  So, I hit the local farmer’s market and found some.  It wasn’t just local honey, either.  It was avocado honey!  Yes, you read that right.  The bees made their special blend from avocado flowers.  Being the ‘weird food addict’ that I am, I snatched some up.  Got it home, and the more I ate, the more I didn’t like it.  It’s like molasses and avocados had a baby.  Weird, even for me!  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t eat it, so it got shoved to the back of the pantry, because it was kind of pricey and I didn’t want to throw it out.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I found some FRESH figs at Costo, and was so excited to see fresh ones that I snatched those up.  I LOVE figs, so I couldn’t wait to dig into them.  I didn’t even wait to get home – I broke into the package right in the car.  I had no idea what kind they were – probably a mix, as some had red juice and some clear.  But, the one I had tasted like…Bland disappointment!  Yuck!  I can’t even tell ya how sad I was!  But, it got me thinking…fig1

What if I took that gross avocado honey and mixed it with the figs?  Where did that idea come from?  Who knows?  My screwy brain! LOL  So, I tried it.  The figs actually really made the molasses flavor even stronger (but it was still mild) and knocked out the weird avocado flavor.  Cool!  THAT I can work with!  So I added even more molasses and – VOILA!  With a little help, two gross wrongs actually made a pretty tasty right! YEAH!

It was super easy, too.  Just 2 lbs of figs, 1/2 cup of avocado honey, and 2 TB molasses blended together and simmered on the stove until ‘jammy’.  fig2No need to add pectin, as figs have natural pectin in them – especially the peels, so I didn’t even other to peel them.  If you don’t have a local honey guy that sells weird avocado honey, the regular stuff will work, too! 😉  It made 2 3/4 pints.

So what does this weird concoction actually taste like now?  I think it tastes like the gooey middle in a Fig Newton cookie.  It really is good!  Princess #3 says it tastes like dates – like a Larabar without all the extra nuts, etc mixed in.  Which, honestly, made the wheels in my brain turn even more.


How about a piece of toast with the fig & honey jam and a few nuts/seeds sprinkled on top?  So, I tried that, too.  I used sunflower and pumpkin seeds, as that’s what I had on hand.  Doesn’t taste like a Larabar to me, but I would definitely eat it again!

Give this a try.  Seriously.  And the next time you find something that really doesn’t work by itself, see if you can mix it up with something else.    Who knows? You might just discover something extra awesome with your experiments!  Be sure to tell me all about them in the comments below, too.  I’d love to hear about your creations!  Now, I’m headed back to Costco and to hunt down that weird avocado honey again so I can make some more…