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Welcome to The Mint! Being disabled, my ability to work outside my home is really not much of an option.  So, once again, I have to improvise a bit.  The King (my hubs) also works from home and ties up the phone, so that limits my options for bringing in extra money even more.

Not going to lie – I do some pretty mind-numbing stuff.  But, it helps bring in a little bit changeextra each month AND makes me feel like less of a mooch on the rest of the world.  So, for that, I’m grateful.  It’s better than nothing.

It’s also a good little time-killer at 3am when I’m awake with nothing else to do.  People can only watch so many late night informercials without losin’ their minds completely, right?!  I’m here to tell ya right now, it’s also better than whatever gimmicky toy is currently on the market for $19.95 + s/h!  LOL

My independence, and being able to do a few things, is very important to me.  I’ll likely never have that highly sought-after six figure income.  But, I can do SOMETHING.  Even if I’m flat in bed and chuggin’ pain killers like they’re going out of style to get through the day, I can sit and take a little survey or two.  I can be a contributor – even in a little way – rather than a drain.  I need that like few people in the world these days can really understand.

I know it’s not going to pay off the mortgage any time soon.  But, every little bit helps, coinsright?  To that end, I invite you to check out what I do in the links below.  There are no get-rich-quick schemes here.  But, it WILL benefit you, too.  It will help put a few extra coins in your pocket each month – and who doesn’t need that?

If it’s really not something you’re interested in, I totally get it.  But, can you please share them with those that might be?  I DO get a kick-back from people who sign up (for free) through my links, and it really does help me out.  Again, I don’t want anyone to do everything for me.  I really do want to ‘earn my keep‘.  But, I want to do things that will benefit others, too – and even though it’s pocket change stuff, it really can add up.

Branded Surveys

Thanks so much!